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This blog is meant to publish EFL posts of my own students . In fact , they write letters to me on a regular basis . It is the lively link that deepens my relationship with them .

jeudi 15 avril 2010

Dear Mrs. Faten

I am happy to write you this letter but I am so sad !
I am facing a problem in the orientation because I am disturbed and hesitant between two sections! Both of them appear possible for me! I have good marks in the Sciences subjects and in the literary subjects , too .
I don't know what to do, I feel scared and I'm afraid to take the worst decision. This is a big responsibility because I will choose my way myself and this will decide my future.
You have already lived the same situation and you have more experience so please try to help me and I'll be grateful to you!
Your pupil who loves you and respects you !

Hi Mrs. Faten

How are you? Hope you are fine? I want to tell you that I've found myself. I know I have a strong personality and a hero lies in me! It's true that I didn't find myself in the last period. I should say that I felt discouraged and hopeless! I must confess I did many mistakes in my education , with my family ... But I've tried to solve them and find solutions ! And I did! I have got good school results and my relationship with my family and friends is better ...
I am glad because I've , finally, found a hero inside of me! Cos I believe that when we feel like hope is gone , we should look inside us and be strong, and we finally see the truth that a hero lies in us! In fact, the lyrics of Mariah Carrey's song "hero" are amazing ... I feel always that she talks to me , to my soul !

Dear Mrs.Faten

Hello! How are you? I hope you are fine. Well, I received your letter last week. And I wanna say "thanks" for your tips. Moreover, last time I wasn't totally honest. As you know, I told you that the boy is my friend. And you know what? He is not mine. He did inappropriate things for me. He touched my dignity; my family's dignity. He said that things about my closest person in my family:"mum" . Guess what he said? he said my mother is handicapped. How dare he? He is not a human being. How can I call him my friend? He doesn't deserve it.Even though he teased me by saying bad things that destroyed and ruined my reputation. What kind of friend he is?
That's why I am not afraid of losing him because he has already lost me!
Well , finally , I want to thank you again for your tips. And , please rewrite me soon!
Yours W.B.A

Dear Mrs.Faten

Hello! How are you ? I hope you are fine. I hope you miss my letters , too . Well , as you can see I stopped writing for a little while. Because I have something bothering me , I wanna talk to you about a case that I'm sure you already know. However, this time is definitely different. Well, two months ago, a boy came to me and asked me to help him. He was in love with a girl. He came to me cos he was certain I will support him. So , I went to the girl and I talked with her about my friend's qualities. For two months, this was my part-time job! I was the one responsible for writing letters and speeches to the beloved! However, one day , I discovered something which is completely unbelievable! I fell in love with that girl. First , I thought it was just a fake feeling! But it is really true. I believed it's just a feeling that will go away. But .... I love this girl and I can't stop loving her no matter what happened! Yet, what hurts me is that the boy is my friend. And I'm sure he will not understand cos he'll think that I cheated on him. So Mrs. please write me soon and tell me what to do cos your tips are so valuable to me !
Yours W.B.A

vendredi 5 mars 2010

mercredi 13 janvier 2010

Communication with learners is a bridge that fills the gap between learning and personal life !

This is a very recent letter that I have received from one of my pupils who was absent , but she surprised me with this letter communicating her heelings as she used to do it on a regular basis ! Learners , dear colleagues are a wealth to explore and discover new treasures . Each day , we learn new things from them !
 Dear Mrs. Faten
I don't know how did I put my pen into my hands , and within my reach ! I'm really ill Mrs.Yesterday , I went to the doctor twice . I'm really broken . If you look into my eyes , to my face , you will feel certainly that I am sad .The dilemma is that I can't have confidence in myself . I am sad and as my Arabic teacher says to me :" I know how you feel by looking into your eyes , without talking !" He is really a good teacher . I hope that I have a Dad like him , but finally he is my teacher . !!!
I can't describe you my feelings but the only thing that I can say is: I can't put my confidence in anybody now ! I can't find my happiness neither in my family nor between my friends .I 'm always sad , I don't feel love , I just feel that nobody loves me ! My life is unnecessary . I want to cry and close the door to my heart without opening it to any person ! I'm really tired Mrs. I can't find the appropriate person to confess him / her my feelings , the good and the sad ones . So I write you because you are the only person Mrs. who can understand me and advise me . Of course my teacher of Arabic , too !
I want to tell you just one thing : you are the first teacher to whom I talk like mum or my best friend ! That's how I feel ! I hope that I 'm not wrong . I said the truth ! I talked to my mum about you Mrs. and I told her that I love you so much and she wants to talk with you to know you more Mrs. This is her phone number :......
Please Mrs . I am not comfortable at this school ! I really want to move to another school . But I have a problem , I can't imagine myself studying in another school without you Mrs. and my Arabic teacher !

                                                                                 Yours F.D

samedi 9 janvier 2010

Love is a new realm to discover for teenagers but with hesitating steps !

Dear Mrs.
I really like to talk with you about many things . You are my friend and I'd like to speak about my previous best friend .She is a gentle girl but she likes to have a boyfriend . I don't speak with her now .She says that I am not a good girl . Do you know why ? Because I hate boys .It's good to have friends , I chat with them on the internet but out no ! Do you understand me ?
I am really happy with my life , with my classmates so why should I have a  boyfriend ? I don't like my parents to hear that I have a boyfriend . I like to get on well with my parents .I told you in my last letter that my brother is my best friend in my life .And when I talk with him he advises me not to go out with any boy because that's risky .
I like my life so much . What do you think Mrs ?
Thanks Mrs because you listen to me .

                                                                                                Yours S.R

A teenager who wants to love and feel loved !

Dear madam 
I'd like to talk with you about love . I think it is not good because we are not grown-ups . But every girl in my class has a boyfriend and they are happy . That's why I like to experience this but I can't .There are many boys who like me but there's something inside me that says that I should not . I know that every teenager likes to live such an experience . Me too , I like but I can't .
Please Mrs . Help me . I like someone to encourage me or to prevent me from . What is your opinion Mrs ???

                                                                     Yours N.B

A teacher can be the closest friend to his/ her learners and this will make teaching/learning easier

Dear my Best Friend
I am so happy because I write you this letter and because you became my new friend . I am so relaxed because until this moment , I haven't any a problem and I have a great energy to study and start my new week with my teachers who are nice like you madam .
Thanks for your pieces of advice last time and I am sure that when you were a teenager like us , you had the same  problems with your family and with your friends .
Thanks a lot my friend . I'm really so so glad when I tell you my feelings.

                                                                          Yours W.T

Expressing one's inner feelings .

Dear Mrs.Faten
I'm very happy because I can tell you about my secret and my problem .I have some problems with my family exactly with my brother : I can't get on well with him , he is moody , severe and quick - tempered . We quarrel all the time because he doesn't talk to me or try to understand me and if I want something he says :"No". He always refuses and says :" You're a girl , you mustn't do that .You must be shy ! Don't wear that ! Don't buy that ! Don't use that !" I'm really fed up .
I know that he is my brother and I have to listen to him but sometimes , he is very very strict with me . If I want something , my dad accepts , whereas my brother says No and I have to listen to him .
I really didn't find a solution so I have to listen to him , that's all !
                                                                                Yours sincerely