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This blog is meant to publish EFL posts of my own students . In fact , they write letters to me on a regular basis . It is the lively link that deepens my relationship with them .

mercredi 13 janvier 2010

Communication with learners is a bridge that fills the gap between learning and personal life !

This is a very recent letter that I have received from one of my pupils who was absent , but she surprised me with this letter communicating her heelings as she used to do it on a regular basis ! Learners , dear colleagues are a wealth to explore and discover new treasures . Each day , we learn new things from them !
 Dear Mrs. Faten
I don't know how did I put my pen into my hands , and within my reach ! I'm really ill Mrs.Yesterday , I went to the doctor twice . I'm really broken . If you look into my eyes , to my face , you will feel certainly that I am sad .The dilemma is that I can't have confidence in myself . I am sad and as my Arabic teacher says to me :" I know how you feel by looking into your eyes , without talking !" He is really a good teacher . I hope that I have a Dad like him , but finally he is my teacher . !!!
I can't describe you my feelings but the only thing that I can say is: I can't put my confidence in anybody now ! I can't find my happiness neither in my family nor between my friends .I 'm always sad , I don't feel love , I just feel that nobody loves me ! My life is unnecessary . I want to cry and close the door to my heart without opening it to any person ! I'm really tired Mrs. I can't find the appropriate person to confess him / her my feelings , the good and the sad ones . So I write you because you are the only person Mrs. who can understand me and advise me . Of course my teacher of Arabic , too !
I want to tell you just one thing : you are the first teacher to whom I talk like mum or my best friend ! That's how I feel ! I hope that I 'm not wrong . I said the truth ! I talked to my mum about you Mrs. and I told her that I love you so much and she wants to talk with you to know you more Mrs. This is her phone number :......
Please Mrs . I am not comfortable at this school ! I really want to move to another school . But I have a problem , I can't imagine myself studying in another school without you Mrs. and my Arabic teacher !

                                                                                 Yours F.D

2 commentaires:

  1. Here you are again Madam opening your heart to a bewildered student who finds in you a confidant. You have helped her to vent her suffering and indirectly dissuaded her to remain at that school.
    God bless you Madam.

  2. Many thanks for your continuous encouragement Si Abdelmalek :)) We are always learning from your experience :)) I was novice and you helped me , inspired me a lot :)) Thanks a lot :)) I am proud to be your student Sir :)) May God Bless you :)))