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This blog is meant to publish EFL posts of my own students . In fact , they write letters to me on a regular basis . It is the lively link that deepens my relationship with them .

jeudi 15 avril 2010

Dear Mrs.Faten

Hello! How are you? I hope you are fine. Well, I received your letter last week. And I wanna say "thanks" for your tips. Moreover, last time I wasn't totally honest. As you know, I told you that the boy is my friend. And you know what? He is not mine. He did inappropriate things for me. He touched my dignity; my family's dignity. He said that things about my closest person in my family:"mum" . Guess what he said? he said my mother is handicapped. How dare he? He is not a human being. How can I call him my friend? He doesn't deserve it.Even though he teased me by saying bad things that destroyed and ruined my reputation. What kind of friend he is?
That's why I am not afraid of losing him because he has already lost me!
Well , finally , I want to thank you again for your tips. And , please rewrite me soon!
Yours W.B.A

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