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This blog is meant to publish EFL posts of my own students . In fact , they write letters to me on a regular basis . It is the lively link that deepens my relationship with them .

samedi 9 janvier 2010

A teenager who wants to love and feel loved !

Dear madam 
I'd like to talk with you about love . I think it is not good because we are not grown-ups . But every girl in my class has a boyfriend and they are happy . That's why I like to experience this but I can't .There are many boys who like me but there's something inside me that says that I should not . I know that every teenager likes to live such an experience . Me too , I like but I can't .
Please Mrs . Help me . I like someone to encourage me or to prevent me from . What is your opinion Mrs ???

                                                                     Yours N.B

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