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samedi 9 janvier 2010

Love is a new realm to discover for teenagers but with hesitating steps !

Dear Mrs.
I really like to talk with you about many things . You are my friend and I'd like to speak about my previous best friend .She is a gentle girl but she likes to have a boyfriend . I don't speak with her now .She says that I am not a good girl . Do you know why ? Because I hate boys .It's good to have friends , I chat with them on the internet but out no ! Do you understand me ?
I am really happy with my life , with my classmates so why should I have a  boyfriend ? I don't like my parents to hear that I have a boyfriend . I like to get on well with my parents .I told you in my last letter that my brother is my best friend in my life .And when I talk with him he advises me not to go out with any boy because that's risky .
I like my life so much . What do you think Mrs ?
Thanks Mrs because you listen to me .

                                                                                                Yours S.R

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  1. Indeed, LOVE is very important for everybody. But teenagers need to feel they are loved. That's a type of validation for them. It's an important period where they start feeling attraction to the other sex. A safe experience in this period is recommended to boost their self-confidence.
    Many thanks Madam for being a good listener