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This blog is meant to publish EFL posts of my own students . In fact , they write letters to me on a regular basis . It is the lively link that deepens my relationship with them .

samedi 19 décembre 2009

Another pupil's letter , see how they develop self-awareness

A new letter has come and from it emanate true feelings , I am really touched when they consider me as their closest friend , they are trying to express themselves in the simplest way they can but see how this may be an instance of self-awareness among learners . They are thinking of themselves' dreams , achievements .
       Dear madam

Hello , I am so sad . My marks are not quite well , at physics , biology or even at maths . May be I don't work enough ! But the question that always comes into my head : Is  X better than me ? Why ? We have the same teachers , but why is he better than me ? Really , I am so angry and sometimes I hate myself because I am not up to my parents and teachers' expectations . I had better marks in the past and good averages , but this year , what is happening ?
I promise you that I will work more because I want to be an engineer so I should be working harder to make my parents proud of their daughter, you , too and even my friends . Please , give me some tips to help me and encourage me . I'm so sorry , I forgot to ask you about your health and family .Hope you're ok !
I am extremely angry and I feel something burning inside which urges me to keep working hard , to go on , it tells me that I am better than that . I made up my mind to be an engineer so I'll be so , I won't lose any possible opportunity to work harder , I'll burn the candle at both ends !
And now I must say good bye ! I hope I will write you another letter . Thanks for your attention .
                                                                                                           Yours faithfully 

A letter of a pupil asking for help .

Our learners need us , they give us as much attention as we give them , so enjoy reading one of my learners' letters , she is a teenager and she is asking for help . I have tried to give her an answer , what will you suggest as a remedy to her question .

Here is her letter

Dear Madam

Actually , I don't know how to begin .As a start , I want to tell you something , may be for you is so simple and its solution is easy , but for me , no...Back to the first year of secondary education , there was a boy who was studying with me and he was like a brother to me .Besides , I noticed that the following year his behaviour changed , he started to stare at me all the time , then he finally said that he wanted me as his girlfriend .I was really shocked at the piece of news because I considered him as a brother , no more than that .

So , of course I told him no and I started treating him coldly , just hello and good bye ,...But , in the beginning of this year , all things have changed and he has started calling me , and texting me .

Every day , we go together to school and we leave it together , even if I leave it at 1 he waits for me . During the break , too , he comes to talk to me , though he has a girlfriend , because when I tell him go and talk to her he says that I am more important than her . Three days ago , he sent me two messages in which he told me that he could not live without me and he would offer me his heart , and that I am all his life ...

But until now , I am considering him just like my brother and I can't find the appropriate answer that may convince him , I don't like to hurt his feelings , I don't have the courage to tell him and at the same time , I don't want to lose him as a dear friend . I talk to him about everything and I feel that only he can understand me , but like a brother . I fear that I would be the cause of his failure ( bac exam ) , by the way you are teaching him , too .

So I don't know what to do , I am so disturbed , I neeeeeeeeeeed your help . It is so urgent , please help me .

Yours faithful student