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samedi 9 janvier 2010

Expressing one's inner feelings .

Dear Mrs.Faten
I'm very happy because I can tell you about my secret and my problem .I have some problems with my family exactly with my brother : I can't get on well with him , he is moody , severe and quick - tempered . We quarrel all the time because he doesn't talk to me or try to understand me and if I want something he says :"No". He always refuses and says :" You're a girl , you mustn't do that .You must be shy ! Don't wear that ! Don't buy that ! Don't use that !" I'm really fed up .
I know that he is my brother and I have to listen to him but sometimes , he is very very strict with me . If I want something , my dad accepts , whereas my brother says No and I have to listen to him .
I really didn't find a solution so I have to listen to him , that's all !
                                                                                Yours sincerely


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