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This blog is meant to publish EFL posts of my own students . In fact , they write letters to me on a regular basis . It is the lively link that deepens my relationship with them .

samedi 19 décembre 2009

Another pupil's letter , see how they develop self-awareness

A new letter has come and from it emanate true feelings , I am really touched when they consider me as their closest friend , they are trying to express themselves in the simplest way they can but see how this may be an instance of self-awareness among learners . They are thinking of themselves' dreams , achievements .
       Dear madam

Hello , I am so sad . My marks are not quite well , at physics , biology or even at maths . May be I don't work enough ! But the question that always comes into my head : Is  X better than me ? Why ? We have the same teachers , but why is he better than me ? Really , I am so angry and sometimes I hate myself because I am not up to my parents and teachers' expectations . I had better marks in the past and good averages , but this year , what is happening ?
I promise you that I will work more because I want to be an engineer so I should be working harder to make my parents proud of their daughter, you , too and even my friends . Please , give me some tips to help me and encourage me . I'm so sorry , I forgot to ask you about your health and family .Hope you're ok !
I am extremely angry and I feel something burning inside which urges me to keep working hard , to go on , it tells me that I am better than that . I made up my mind to be an engineer so I'll be so , I won't lose any possible opportunity to work harder , I'll burn the candle at both ends !
And now I must say good bye ! I hope I will write you another letter . Thanks for your attention .
                                                                                                           Yours faithfully 

A letter of a pupil asking for help .

Our learners need us , they give us as much attention as we give them , so enjoy reading one of my learners' letters , she is a teenager and she is asking for help . I have tried to give her an answer , what will you suggest as a remedy to her question .

Here is her letter

Dear Madam

Actually , I don't know how to begin .As a start , I want to tell you something , may be for you is so simple and its solution is easy , but for me , no...Back to the first year of secondary education , there was a boy who was studying with me and he was like a brother to me .Besides , I noticed that the following year his behaviour changed , he started to stare at me all the time , then he finally said that he wanted me as his girlfriend .I was really shocked at the piece of news because I considered him as a brother , no more than that .

So , of course I told him no and I started treating him coldly , just hello and good bye ,...But , in the beginning of this year , all things have changed and he has started calling me , and texting me .

Every day , we go together to school and we leave it together , even if I leave it at 1 he waits for me . During the break , too , he comes to talk to me , though he has a girlfriend , because when I tell him go and talk to her he says that I am more important than her . Three days ago , he sent me two messages in which he told me that he could not live without me and he would offer me his heart , and that I am all his life ...

But until now , I am considering him just like my brother and I can't find the appropriate answer that may convince him , I don't like to hurt his feelings , I don't have the courage to tell him and at the same time , I don't want to lose him as a dear friend . I talk to him about everything and I feel that only he can understand me , but like a brother . I fear that I would be the cause of his failure ( bac exam ) , by the way you are teaching him , too .

So I don't know what to do , I am so disturbed , I neeeeeeeeeeed your help . It is so urgent , please help me .

Yours faithful student 

jeudi 24 septembre 2009

A pupil's letter to his teacher

   Dear Mrs....................

Hello Mrs. How are you? I hope you're fine .Well , I am writing you this letter to get to know each other . I hope you won't mind .

Alright then, my name is Wadhah . They call me Wadhahou .I'm 15 years old . I've got two sisters .The older one is Ghada and the youngest is Wafa .Both are evil ,especially the first one , she's so selfish .She thinks that she has got the entire world .And , for you to know , this is the first time .I tell you this secret , to a nice person like you Mrs. .... Or should I call you my friend if you don't mind .

Well , I believe that's enough .Let me talk to you about myself a little bit .As you know , I have a lot of activities and hobbies .First , I love surfing on the internet by playing games and making researches ...And you know what ? You convinced me yesterday about the benefits of facebook .So I think I'll take your advice .Second , I enjoy helping my family , relatives and especially the needy people .By donating food , money , medicines , etc..Third , I like practising all types of sports , such as football , handball , triple jump , high jump ,...Also , watching American movies and programmes.

Finally , I want you to know that I have more hobbies and more favourite pastimes .But , I don't wanna you get bored .Even though , I 've got more and more information I want to share with someone special like you Mrs... 

So , I hope you'll like my letter and we'll get closer and closer .

                                                                                    Your pupil 


mardi 1 septembre 2009


There he was sitting next to his grandchildren playing with them .He was at his utmost happiness when he visited his daughter .Though he was living far from his daughter's house , he never forgot to ring at least once a day and listen to the babbles of his grandson . He was clearly very happy to listen to them , his grandson and his granddaughter , more than his own daughter . It seems that her father's love for her passed on stronger and stronger to her own children.
She looked at her own father playing without any sign of fatigue . It's true that his visits are few but whenever he comes to visit them , the dull house changes into a glamorous , lively one .
What a nice shot that one may love that it lasts an eternity . While playing the granddad seemed to wander in a different world , that of memories , sweet memories .This very moment reminded him the days his wife gave birth to his daughter . He had seen in her the secret of his existence . He took care of her , till she entered school , that's when she tried to take care of her own . He was a clerk , and life seemed hard in the capital city with increasing demands from all parts . However , he never complained , never said no , he kept buying the books his daughter needed .He was patient . He was a laborious man , working very hard , an honest , serious man . During his free afternoons , he enjoyed reading . He was a model to follow for her . He was a source of inspiration .
Whenever she saw him that way , she felt inside her a stong impetus for work , for studying hard and harder .
And he , he never forgot to boost her confidence , to encourage her to study more and more .Although she was the youngest girl in her class , she was amongst the most hard - working pupils . She didn't seem sociable , she didn't like to speak about herself , but she was true to her classmates and grateful towards her parents .
It's obvious that her presence in that high school with high social classes ,
put an extra burden on her shoulders . She decided to overcome those hurdles successfully . She made it clear inside her mind that those material differences meant nothing in school life . Though some teachers
seemed to rally next to the headmaster's daughter , especially in the oral marks but nothing lasted . When the headmaster left the school , the playground was empty now for her to excel more and more and get the best oral marks .
All her moral support was him , her father , and thanks to him she is now a teacher ...A teacher who thinks the same way as her father and behaves the same way as him .