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mardi 1 septembre 2009


There he was sitting next to his grandchildren playing with them .He was at his utmost happiness when he visited his daughter .Though he was living far from his daughter's house , he never forgot to ring at least once a day and listen to the babbles of his grandson . He was clearly very happy to listen to them , his grandson and his granddaughter , more than his own daughter . It seems that her father's love for her passed on stronger and stronger to her own children.
She looked at her own father playing without any sign of fatigue . It's true that his visits are few but whenever he comes to visit them , the dull house changes into a glamorous , lively one .
What a nice shot that one may love that it lasts an eternity . While playing the granddad seemed to wander in a different world , that of memories , sweet memories .This very moment reminded him the days his wife gave birth to his daughter . He had seen in her the secret of his existence . He took care of her , till she entered school , that's when she tried to take care of her own . He was a clerk , and life seemed hard in the capital city with increasing demands from all parts . However , he never complained , never said no , he kept buying the books his daughter needed .He was patient . He was a laborious man , working very hard , an honest , serious man . During his free afternoons , he enjoyed reading . He was a model to follow for her . He was a source of inspiration .
Whenever she saw him that way , she felt inside her a stong impetus for work , for studying hard and harder .
And he , he never forgot to boost her confidence , to encourage her to study more and more .Although she was the youngest girl in her class , she was amongst the most hard - working pupils . She didn't seem sociable , she didn't like to speak about herself , but she was true to her classmates and grateful towards her parents .
It's obvious that her presence in that high school with high social classes ,
put an extra burden on her shoulders . She decided to overcome those hurdles successfully . She made it clear inside her mind that those material differences meant nothing in school life . Though some teachers
seemed to rally next to the headmaster's daughter , especially in the oral marks but nothing lasted . When the headmaster left the school , the playground was empty now for her to excel more and more and get the best oral marks .
All her moral support was him , her father , and thanks to him she is now a teacher ...A teacher who thinks the same way as her father and behaves the same way as him .

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  1. Lofty sensations
    A loving daughter paying tribute to her dear father: the fountain of her life, the source of her inspiration and inexhaustible energy.
    The grandfather’s affection overflowed and seeped into the green buds of the grandchildren.
    A mission a loving father has nicely fulfilled
    A mission a loving daughter has made her raison d’être.
    Pass it on to your kids in act, in sign or in smile…