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This blog is meant to publish EFL posts of my own students . In fact , they write letters to me on a regular basis . It is the lively link that deepens my relationship with them .

lundi 9 novembre 2009

Learners' letters to their teacher . In fact , I urge my learners to write me letters about any subject they want to talk about to me

2 commentaires:

  1. I've found it very intersting to urge my learners to write letters to me , it's beneficial on all levels , they consider me as their confidant , their intimate friend , I know them more inside , how do they feel , what are their urgent needs , the way they behave , the way they live , the way theu think , all of these details help me communicate better with my learners .Moreover and which is more important to teaching them the english language , it gives me a clear idea about their needs in matters of learning the language , evaluate their acquisitions and build on their prior knowledge new items that are vital to their learning .

  2. I really appreciate what you are doing Madam. Your dedication to listening to students and your resolution to help then surmount their problems is praiseworthy.
    I liked your soft way of handling problems, your friendly tone and the practical tips you are offering them.
    This is certainly building the bridges that have been missing for so long between students and teachers. Carry on with your noble pursuit.